Other Sites

A few of the other sites we have worked on over the last 40 years.

Edwins Hall

A Tudor house where MAHG was asked to find a lost wing.  Foundations of a wing and a floor of an earlier mediaeval Manor House were discovered.

Loft Farm

An area north of Heybridge selected for grave extract was known to contain a number of crop marks. MAHG excavated and uncovered a Bronze Age enclosure, an Iron Age settlement and a mediaeval moat.

Maldon Southern Bypass

When soil was removed prior to a road and housing development in the west of Maldon, MAHG's founder noticed Roman pottery on the surface.  Iron Age and Romano British settlements were revealed and our excavation unearthed a large amount of potsherds dating from 500 BC to 200 AD.


Prior to a large housing estate being built the remains of a small Romano British town were discovered.  Due to its national importance a large professional excavation took place and MAHG was able to help with excavating and finds processing, such as pot washing.